Aleksander Jezierski


My startup project, app for babysitters.


Desktop HD.png

Nanny is a go-to app for professional babysitters and parents who need extra help. I saw an opportunity to create a platform, just like Uber but for parents. Nanny provides a sense of security for parents, by revealing the background of the babysitters, before entrusting them with the care of their kids. Nanny offers a wide range of services, from day to day supervision to care for kids with special needs.



Look closely at the rating stars colours.


Book the Nanny directly through their profile.


Bubbles will fill up with a colour after your message is seen.

You can send messages to the Nanny before, during and after service.


Press Nanny's profile photo to see more details.

This option will be visible only, if you have already booked your Nanny.